Tending Ourselves To Buy Instagram Followers Debit Card

If you ever try to search the phrase ‘Instagram likes’ on the Internet, you’d find that the maximum results that come up would talk about ways to increase them. ‘How to get more likes on your hipster post’. ’10 ways you can get more likes on Instagram NOW!’ I’m not even kidding, it’s more valuable than money! Likes and comments on social media are new ways to get the validation your inner teenager has been craving for since years.

A comparison parameter?

When you see through it, though, it’s a new parameter for comparison among people. ‘Her post has got more likes than mine, so she must be prettier or more popular than me.’ The need to buy instagram followers debit card has become an official parameter for judgment in terms of looks, talent or otherwise. Social media influencers are rated not according to their work, but according to the number of people who engage in their posts. It is probably not all bad, but when you’re just an average teenager eyeing the numbers on others’ posts and feeling bad for not having enough, it can take a toll on you.