Hotel equipment solutions by Electrolux

Among the Electrolux equipment, you can find professional solutions for hotels of different sizes (from small to large). Equipping your hotel with high-tech equipment, you invest in your business, because the equipment should work smoothly for as long as possible at the lowest price.

For being sure, you check that our equipment is used by the most famous hotels, including Holiday Inn, Marriott, Radisson Sheraton, and many others, established as technical solutions in many European cities, especially in Hamburg and other cities of Germany and Austria. Modern equipment Electrolux is used as a hotel kitchen (stoves, ovens, hobs, etc.), laundry and other types of equipment with high sales rates.

For many years, Electrolux hotel equipment has been recognized as a leader among other firms for the production of high-performance kitchen appliances, dishwashers and washing machines, and other material.

The brand is an Electrolux produces technical solutions suitable for any occasion, for example, for organizing banquets, parties or other events, arranging the buffet in the hotel. For each case, there is a variant of equipment that can be used for every task.

On the official website, customers can buy professional equipment for a hotel in each room, depending on its class, individually and their requirements.