Useful gel polish care tips

Every nail master definitely had the situation when after the perfect manicure procedure a client called back with the claim that gel polish is chipped or flake off. And you started to think about the reason because you always are sure about the quality of your materials. But it is a fact that much depends on the client and on his nail care outside the manicure salon. That’s why it is important to have a so-called memo for clients and share it with them.


  1. Avoid prolonged contact with hot water for the first 48 hours. This also applies to visits to the bath or sauna. But do not take it too literally – you can wash your hands! The restriction only applies to prolonged contact with hot water.
  2. Change your gel polish manicure every 2-3 weeks. Gel polish can look bright and fresh even for a longer time but specialists recommend not keeping the same coating longer than 3 weeks. It connects with the health of nails as well.
  3. Take care of gel polish with special liquids and oils. Use special professional oils to make your manicure looking fresh and bright for a longer time. There is a great choice in the pro online store.
  4. Wear rubber gloves while contacting with household chemicals. Gel polishes are known for their durability and such usual chores as washing dishes and cleaning can’t damage the coating. But if you contact with chemicals, it will be better to wear gloves.

If your clients follow these rules, they will have fewer problems with their manicure.