Fragrance Terms You Must Know How to Differentiate

When you enter the world of perfumes, you are amazed by the variety of scents you can get. They vary in notes, brands, price, etc. In addition, you can see different terms used with a certain fragrance. Let’s learn the difference between all of them.

The dictionary of fragrance kinds

When you buy your favorite fragrance at you can see that some of them are called perfumes. Well, this is the most concentrated and pure form of fragrance. It’s the most long-lasting fragrance and, definitely, the most expensive one.

There is a very similar term, eau de parfum. It’s slightly cheaper and less concentrated. However, the difference is almost imperceptible since it has up to 15% of the essential fragrance (while pure perfume has up to 30%).

The next in the line is eau de toilette. It’s important to remember that it’s not worse. This fragrance was simply designed for other occasions and shorter wear on the skin. Typically, it has 5-8% of the perfume essence.

Eau de cologne is used with fragrances for men and contains up to 5% of the essential fragrance.

Aside from these fragrances, there are various body sprays, mists and eau fraiche. They have less than 3% of perfume oil and are very light. As a rule, they last up to 2 hours on the skin.

When you know these differences, it becomes much easier to make the right choice.