Business opportunities in the United Kingdom

The UK has always been a likely country for business and investment. Those who invest in the economy of this the United Kingdom or develop their own businesses here have more chances to obtain citizenship. If you want to open a branch of your firm in the UK, there is a special visa program, which acts since 1971. It is the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa. All the conditions and features of this program are described in detail here: .

Who can use this program?

This category of visa is intended for directors of a company. The firm must be established outside the UK. To get such a visa is necessary to comply with certain conditions. For the company:

  • proven stable income
  • valid for at least 12 years
  • availability of a business plan for development
  • There are also special requirements for a visa applicant:
  • experience and qualifications in administration
  • confirmed knowledge of English (not lower than B1)
  • financial viability
  • lack of a criminal record
  • good health (this applies substantially to the absence of tuberculosis)

Main condition: This visa is not intended for immigration. Therefore, it is necessary to prove that neither the applicant nor the head office of the company is going to move to the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is desirable that there are good reasons for opening a branch, for example, long-term contracts or prospects. On the other hand, subject to the conditions, the applicant will be able, over time, to pretend for British citizenship.